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Online Distribution

Baliwww.com has a large network of over 1000 unique websites with thousands of potential visitor each month. Each website provides details information of tourism and entertainment facilities as well as other useful information with a map availability model allowing customers to easily select the right rate and location.

Partners.Baliwww.com offers a quick and easy booking process in which customers pay in full for bookings; Baliwww.com issues vouchers to guests and all hotels/villas are paid after the guest check out.

With continual development of new and innovative websites that are simple and easy to use, Baliwww.com constantly strive to find new ways of presenting and promoting our partner's hotels/apartments to guests and finding new guests. Whilst continually increasing our distribution, we also provide great pre and post sales service.

Baliwww.com not just rely on large network of unique websites has all been individually designed to help you promote your property but also invest in pay per click campaigns to drive visitors to your hotel.

Our Hotel Partners

Partners.Baliwww.com put strong emphasis on continual growth with our partners. Partners.Baliwww.com has full understanding that a successful partnership requires effort on our side providing extra attention and services. We also realize that it is often the simple day to day things that actually make the most difference in business.

Partners.Baliwww.com team are always ready to actively look for opportunities to help promote your property; to ensure that you are in best placed for taking advantage of the additional exposure; to review your offering and make suggestions for better marketing breakthrough and to help you create the best possible offering for your customers


Channel Management Partners

Partners.baliwww.com offers an easy and profitable partnership especially if your hotel have been working with a channel manager. We are connected to most key channel managers as well as having an excellent direct extranet for those who not connected to a channel manager.

Setting up your property on partners.baliwww.com is simple and fast, all you have to do is building your hotel profile on partners.baliwww.com (room types, rate plan, special offers) then we will take care the rests : we provide an access code for your channel manager, create the link, we will take all the rates & availability from your channel manager. Furthermore, you can either use the partners.baliwww.com XML specification or we can adapt to your own.

Partner.baliwww.com gives more internet exposure, with just a single integration your hotels can be distributed across our world wide network of websites.

Partners.baliwww.com is always actively seeking to connect with new channel management partners.

existing channel managers:

Coming soon: www.staah.com and www.siteminder.com

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